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Not Without Reason Film About Self Injury

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I’m super excited to let you know about a documentary film called Not Without Reason that I’m helping with and will also have a poem featured in this film about Self Injury. This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart because a few years ago I found out just how many people this affects and had mentored some young women who self injured. Please read my interview with the director and producer Joseph Chastain.

What is your experience with Self Injury and what inspired you to want to do a film about the Self Injury?

I am a recovering self-injurer. I've also met numerous people in my life who have indulged in self-injury. I decided to do this film as a way to educate people about self-injury and to show people who do self-injure that they are not alone.

At what age did you first start self injuring?

I began self-injuring around the age of ten, after the death of my grandmother.

Have you recovered or are you in recovery now?

I have not self-injured in a long time, but I do not believe that anyone completely recovers from any addiction as strong as this one. I occasionally get feelings that I should cut, but they are becoming rarer and rarer.

Was there something that happened in your life that led you down the road of self injury?

One of the big things was the death of my grandmother. A few months before three dogs that my family owned were killed and kids at school picked on me unmercifully. It was a hard year. I began by banging my forehead against windowsills and walls. Self-injury became a way to keep me alive. At the tender age of ten I considered killing myself.

How do you think society views self injury at this point in time?

Unfortunately a large part of society thinks that self-injurers are insane or sick. The truth is self-injury is amazingly common, though it is a tough disorder to understand, I feel that there's a way for self-injurers to be more accepted in our society. There is also the belief that self-injurers are attention seekers, which while true some of the time, most self-injurers keep their problems secretive. Even those that do self-injure for attention have major problems and need help. Finally a large part of the population thinks self-injury is a failed suicide attempt. This is simply not true. Self-injury is a way to cope with problems, not a way to kill oneself.

Is it still misunderstood, or do you think in the past few years people are being educated more now?

There have been miles of improvement in recent years. A lot of that is due to Marilee Strong's work on A Bright Red Scream and also due to several celebrities admitting they self-injure, including the late Princess Diana, Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Angelina Jolie, Demi Lavato, Mia Tyler, and a host of others. More research is being done, and a few films such as Thirteen and Prozac Nation have included self-injury as a theme in them.

What kinds of things are you going to be featuring in the film?

There will be interviews with self-injurers and mental health professionals, reenactments and showing small portions of every day life. Also I am featuring poetry and artworks of those that have self-injured as most self-injurers are creative. A special section on the film will deal with creativity and self-injury, both as a coping mechanism and correlations between creative’s and their self-injurious behavior.

I know the film is going to be a non profit film, is there a way that people can donate?

Yes! Any amount, no matter how large or small will be accepted. To donate one can go to Artspire and search for Not Without Reason.

Also going to the official website Not Without Reason has a direct link to the donation page.

When will the film be released and will it be released in theaters as well as DVD?

My target premiere date is March 1st 2014. I cannot tell you yet if the film will be released in theaters or TV, though those are both goals.

What are your hopes and dreams for the film?

I am hoping that this film helps convince self-injurers to receive help and helps them feel that they are not alone. I also want the film to help illuminate others on this important topic.

Where can people contact you to donate or for more information about the film?

Anyone who wants to learn more can go to my official page Not Without Reason

Our IMDB page is at Not Without Reason

Our Face Book Page is Not Without Reason

or e-mail me at

Joseph was educated at Columbia College Hollywood in Tarzana, CA. He’s directed several short films. Not Without Reason is the first feature he’s begun shooting.

His editor and Cinematographer, Lee Thomas has over 50 years in the film business and has been invaluable. His fellow Producer, Gordon Cornell Layne has about the same amount of time in the industry and has worked on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Walton’s, Hart to Hart and Days of Our Lives.

Joseph Chastain
Not Without Reason

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