Friday, September 28, 2012

Imagine For A Moment

We all walk many different paths in life and we each have a story to tell. Some of us have faced horrible things in life that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy and some of us have had an easy road so far. But the fact is we all are on a journey of this thing we call life, and we all have a chance each day to make choices that determine which road we choose on that day. I know your past journey may have been full of pain and sorrow and sometimes you may think it will always be that way, but it doesn't have to be that way anymore. You can’t take back yesterday, but you can determine how you live today.

Don't spend precious time living in the past, especially since you can never get back yesterday. Today is a new day full of promise and hope for you. Imagine if for just a moment you make another choice on what you do, think, and feel. Maybe you're angry about something that has happened and you might feel so angry and hurt that you chose destruction as an answer to that pain, or maybe you choose more pain for yourself. You punish yourself for something that was never your fault to begin with. Maybe you hear old tapes in your head telling you that you are stupid, worthless, ugly, and worst of all, you hear that you are not worth the time. Maybe those tapes have been playing in your head so long that you don't ever think that you can make them stop, and you're living your life each and every day thinking you don't matter.

But if you can imagine for just one moment or a few moments that you can have a different life for yourself, then I believe that you can. It's not easy at first because you’ve been programmed for such a long time, but it is possible for you. The thing is you control your thoughts, not anyone else. You have been giving your power away for so long, but you don't have to do that anymore. You have the power to change your thoughts each and every day. You have the power to make new tapes to play in your head each day. You have the power to be the master of your universe, so why not start today.

If you start with just one moment changing your thoughts, it will get easier to do. Pretty soon, one moment leads to more moments and little by little you can replace every negative thought with a positive one. It doesn't matter if nobody has ever believed in you, you can believe in YOU! You have the power to become anything you want in this life and the greatest thing is, it's never too late. Louise Hay started her publishing company when she was 60, and today her Hay House Company is a great success. She could have thought at that age, that she was finished with her life, but she didn't and look what amazing things she has accomplished with her publishing company.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. Michelangelo

Do you remember Christmas as a child? When all year long you thought about the gifts you wanted and on that morning you were so excited because Santa was going to bring you what you dreamed of all year long. The hope of a child and wishes of a child can be such a powerful thing, especially when what you thought about having, appears like magic that day. Maybe some of you did not have that experience, but the point I’m trying to make, is that you can imagine and create anything you want in your life. It can be Christmas each and everyday for you when you realize that you hold the key to the life you've always dreamed of. Imagine if only for a moment that you are living the life you have always dreamed of. What would your life be like?

Now you may be thinking that these things are not possible for you, but they are. Instead of saying it could never happen for you, how about saying why not me. You deserve everything that life has to offer and more. You have the power to IMAGINE, DREAM, and CREATE amazing things. Even if you think you have no skills or talents, you do have them. You just need to take a little time to figure out what they are. Take a look inside you heart and see what amazing things may be hiding in there just waiting for you to discover them.

Dig for those treasures that await you. We all have treasures within us and please don't bother trying to tell me that you cannot possibly have any, because you do. So get out your map and your shovel, and start digging. And if at first you don't find anything, keep digging. It only takes a moment to start, and pretty soon one moment leads into another, and another, and pretty soon, you will strike gold.

So what are you waiting for you? Make that map and start digging for those treasures. I cannot wait to hear what you discover.

Please feel free comment here with all of the amazing things you have discovered in your search. I would love to see what amazing things you have discovered.
Always Remember that you are Beautiful, Strong, Powerful, Fearless, Amazing, Divine, and most important of all YOU ARE ENOUGH! Divine Diva Donna

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